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Privacy Policy

Version: 1.0.
Last update: November 15, 2009

1. Introduction

Privacy Policy describes process of gathering, storage, use and distribution of your personal information using services and visiting of web sites Euroindex Ltd. The policy extends to all Euroindex sites, including sub domains.

2. Gathering of personal information

Euroindex Ltd. can collect some types of information:
- Contact details for the feedback (full name, address, e-mail, contact phone etc.).
- Personal details for the “Order Invitation Card” service (company title, postal address, full name, e-mail address, phone and also questionnaire data).
- Information about attendance of the web site (IP address, browser of the visitor).

a) Contact details for the feedback
Personal information is provided by filling in questionnaires and application forms for additional information about the events, held by Euroindex.

b) Personal details for the “Order Invitation Card” service.
All information is provided by visitor registering for visiting trade shows or conferences, and consists of general information about the company and personal details about them, employees or guests, who requires visiting of the trade show or conference.

c) Information about attendance of the web site.
Information on attendance includes data, received when visiting of Euroindex web sites. The major data is impersonal and gathered by means of Сookie or other analytical technologies. Сookie and other technologies are being used, allowing to analyze the data and to carry out options according to preferences of users. Similar data is gathered for statistics of web sites of Euroindex Ltd., its productivity and efficiency. Cookie files are simple text files of the small size and that is why cannot be dangerous for your computer because cannot contain any virus or other dangerous programs, or occupy much space on the disk.

Our sites do not gather automatically e-mail address of users. We store your e-mail address only if you provided it by yourself.

3. Mailings and possibility to refuse from it

Euroindex uses your e-mail address for informing you about the trade shows, conferences and other events, which are interesting for you. Euroindex has a right to inform you also about other trade shows, conferences and other events, which, on our opinion, could be interesting for you, proceeding from the analysis of data provided by you. Thus Euroindex uses your address only for distribution of information only about the event, its organizing, co-organizing or partnering, and Euroindex will never send you information about other events, goods and services. Euroindex never provides your e-mail address to the third parties, except cases described below.

In case if you do not wish to receive any information, you can refuse by removal of you registration details in the personal profile page protected by password.

4. Use and placing of personal details at somebody’s disposal

a) Information, provided by you for the feedback, is used only for the answer to your inquiry and sending you only those materials, which you have requested. Your data will never be transferred to the third parties. Your details will not be placed at pages with open access.

b) Personal registration details for the “Order Invitation” service is divided in two categories. Your personal details (full name, address, phone, e-mail address) will never be transferred to the third parties (exceptions are mentioned below). Your corporate data (company title, postal address) without your personal details can be given to participants of the trade show for a illustration of visitors’ audience on terms of non-distribution and non-publication. Both, personal and corporate details will not be placed on pages with open access. This data is available only at user pages, protected by password and can be changed or removed by the user at any time. Removal of personal details by the user means refusal from services by Euroindex.

Open access can be provided only to general statistical data about visitors of trade shows and conferences.

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